Where to Stay in New Delhi: Best Hotels & Attractions 2024


New Delhi, the vibrant capital city of India, is a fascinating blend of ancient history and modernity, making it a compelling destination for travelers seeking a rich, diverse cultural experience. As the heart of the nation, Delhi boasts an impressive array of historical monuments and landmarks, such as the majestic Red Fort, the serene Lotus Temple, and the bustling Chandni Chowk market, each telling stories of centuries past.

The city is also home to the Qutub Minar, an architectural marvel, and the sprawling gardens of Humayun’s Tomb, which provide a picturesque retreat from the urban chaos. Moreover, Delhi’s culinary scene is a delight for food enthusiasts, offering a taste of authentic Indian flavors through its street food and upscale restaurants. The city’s vibrant arts and culture scene is showcased in its museums and galleries, as well as in its traditional dance and music performances, which frequently take place across various venues.

Additionally, Delhi serves as a gateway to other tourist destinations in India, with excellent transport links to places like Jaipur, Agra (home of the Taj Mahal), and the Himalayan hill stations. The blend of deep-rooted history, cultural diversity, and dynamic urban life in Delhi presents an unrivaled spectrum of experiences, making it a must-visit for anyone looking to delve into the essence of India.

Best Time To Visit New Delhi in 2024

The best time to visit Delhi is during the cooler months from October to March when the weather is at its most pleasant. During this period, temperatures range from a mild 20°C to a crisp 5°C, providing a comfortable climate for exploring the bustling streets and historical monuments without the oppressive heat common in the summer months. This season also coincides with several major festivals, including Diwali, the Festival of Lights, and Holi, the Festival of Colors, offering visitors a unique opportunity to experience the rich cultural heritage of India firsthand.

The 8 Best Hotels in New Delhi 2024

1. Lemon Tree Premier, Delhi Airport

2. Roseate House

3. Ibis New Delhi Aerocity

4. The Lalit New Delhi

5. Hotel Novotel New Delhi Aerocity

6. The Oberoi, New Delhi

7. Red Fox Hotel, Delhi Airport

8. Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel, Delhi Airport

Top-Rated Tourist Attractions & Sights in New Delhi

❖ Red Fort (Lal Qila)

A stunning symbol of India’s rich history, this 17th-century fort made of red sandstone is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a must-visit for its architectural grandeur and historical significance.

❖ Qutub Minar

Another UNESCO World Heritage Site, this 73-meter tall minaret is an exquisite example of Indo-Islamic Afghan architecture and is surrounded by ancient and medieval ruins.

❖ India Gate

This war memorial, reminiscent of the Arc de Triomphe, honors the soldiers who died in World War I. It’s a popular evening spot for locals and tourists alike.

❖ Lotus Temple

Known for its flowerlike architecture, the Lotus Temple is a Bahá’í House of Worship that impresses visitors with its tranquil environment and stunning design.

❖ Humayun’s Tomb

This architectural precursor to the Taj Mahal offers sprawling gardens and beautiful buildings, making it a perfect spot for history buffs and photographers.

❖ Jama Masjid

One of the largest mosques in India, it can hold thousands of worshippers. The mosque offers a panoramic view of the city from its southern tower.

❖ Akshardham Temple

A relatively modern temple complex, it is a celebration of Indian culture, spirituality, and architecture, with an impressive Yagnapurush Kund, a large stepwell.

❖ Chandni Chowk

One of the oldest and busiest markets in Old Delhi, famous for its street food, sarees, and a vibrant, bustling atmosphere.

❖  Taj Mahal

UNESCO World Heritage Site located in Agra (about 230 kilometers from Delhi), is an iconic symbol of love, built by Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal. This magnificent white marble mausoleum is celebrated worldwide for its breathtaking beauty and intricate craftsmanship.

❖ Indira Gandhi International Airport

The busiest airport in India in terms of passenger traffic. It serves as a major hub for international and domestic flights, connecting Delhi to cities across the globe.


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